Health Gaurantee
We take the health of our dogs very seriously and you should too. Read this document thoroughly and contact us with any questions you may have.​​
   Utah Yankee Doodles Health Guarantee

Utah Yankee Doodles provides a health guarantee relating to all hereditary diseases up to the age of two years under the following conditions:
1) The health condition is designated severe, or life threatening by two independent veterinarians, and all diagnostic data, including x-rays, are provided to Utah Yankee Doodles and findings are reviewed and agreed to by a vet of Utah Yankee Doodles choosing.
2) In the case of Hip Dysplasia (HD) or Elbow Dysplasia (ED) a. The primary source of diet has not been dog food containing meat by-products and/or unnecessary fillers and allows the dog to produce healthy fecal deposits. Purchasers are hereby cautioned about the importance of a good quality diet as well as the risks of overfeeding and excessive exercise too early in their development. Utah Yankee Doodles will not guarantee against HD caused by failure to observe the above. b. The purchaser has abided by the information supplied by Utah Yankee Doodles and has abided by the cautions regarding the correct exercise and raising regimes for optimum health of growing dogs.
3) Subject to all conditions of this agreement being met, replacement of the puppy from the next available litter or refund ½ of the purchase price, at Utah Yankee Doodles' discretion, if the purchaser desires to return the dog. If the purchaser desires to keep the dog, Utah Yankee Doodles will pay for veterinary bills for treatment of above-mentioned condition up to the full purchase price of the dog. Payment will be made directly to your veterinary clinic. Proof of HD, by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is required before a replacement/refund will be made and is the financial responsibility of the owners. Utah Yankee Doodles reserves the right to confirm OFA testing before a replacement/refund is made. Confirmation of and/or second opinions will be the financial responsibility of Utah Yankee Doodles . The dog is only guaranteed to the original purchaser. If the dog has been sold, the health guarantee becomes void. 
4) Animals must be kept current on all vaccinations (to be administered by a veterinarian fully licensed to practice in said country, province and/or state) or titer tests in lieu of appropriately scheduled vaccinations, post puppy boosters, in order to maintain health guarantee. Copies of these records must be submitted to breeder if purchaser is requesting replacement. Animals who have not been given these treatments/tests on a regular basis are not covered by the health guarantee.
5) Buyer will have puppy examined by a veterinarian of their choice within one week of possession and return a signed copy of this Health Guarantee to Utah Yankee Doodles within 10 days of possession of the puppy. Failure to return this guarantee within 10 days of possession will automatically void the guarantee and release the breeder from all contractual obligations. The exam is the financial responsibility of the owner.
6) Utah Yankee Doodles further guarantees the puppy against the Parvo virus for a full 72 hours from the time of pick-up. NOTE: It is highly advised that your puppy is NOT exposed to public areas where dogs travel and/or defecate. Pet stores, off-leash parks and grass in general is best considered off-limits to your puppy until 2 weeks post final booster vaccine.

I, the undersigned, have read the above health guarantee and agree to be satisfied by and bound and/or released by the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

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